Fic: By the Cracks of the Skin I Climbed


Summary: Mickey builds a love like people build homes.

A/N: This kind of came out of nowhere. 2.3k words.


Mickey watches as the kid with fluffy red hair and skinny freckled arms steps up. He holds the bat with a lot of confidence; Mickey thinks maybe this kid knows what he’s doing.

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"Our kids are practically hitched."


// what you and i have makes me free. // a mix that best describes ian and mickey’s journey through the intimacy and heartbreak. // (LISTEN HERE) 

SEASON 1; dirty little secret - the all american rejects // young love - eli lieb // my body - young the giant // latch - disclosure ft. sam smith // i need you - m83 // born to die - lana del rey // SEASON 2; too afraid to love you - the black keys // give me love - ed sheeran // already gone - kelly clarkson // cough syrup - young the giant // wait - m83 // with or without you - u2 // SEASON 3; gotten - slash ft adam levine // radioactive - marina and the diamonds // my own - whitaker // dreams - bastille & gabrielle aplin // jealousy - will young // nothing at all - aiden grimshaw // skinny love - bon iver // lies - marina and the diamonds // iris - the goo goo dolls // say something - a great big world & christina aguilera // SEASON 4; come back when you can - barcelona // here with me - the killers // think of you - carney // happy little pill - troye sivan // colorblind - counting crows // young and beautiful - lana del rey // chasing cars - snow patrol // breathe me - aiden grimshaw // run - leona lewis // running up that hill - placebo // fix you - coldplay.

» Rookie Mistakes - Chapter 1 - delgay - Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]


Chapter 1/? | ~7k | R | Professional hockey AU | (Ian Gallagher is the right wing to Mickey’s left defenseman, so it’s not even that weird when Mickey makes a point to learn everything he possibly can about the kid. Really.)

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mickey is a homicide detective. ian is a forensic scientist. they’re partners, and mickey might be a little bit in love with him. [3035 words - ao3]

Mickey saw a lot of weird shit. He was a cop in South Side Chicago, it was pretty much to be expected. His partner’s family was probably the weirdest.

He knew a lot about messed-up families. He’d grown up in this very same neighborhood, with a terror of a father, a handful of idiotic brothers, a dead mother, and a sister who deserved so much better than her shitty life. So yeah, Mickey understood crazy. But he’d gotten out when he turned eighteen, helped his sister Mandy move to Cincinnati, but then came back to Chicago, because he had some stupid attachment to the city or something. He saved up, bought an apartment, tried to stay as far away from his family as possible, and became a cop. It was kinda hilarious (a Milkovich becoming a competent member of law enforcement, of all things), but the job suited him.

Ian Gallagher’s family wasn’t messed up, so to speak, they were just fucking weird and overwhelming, and Mickey thought Ian was pretty badass for putting up with it. He still lived at home, because he’d gone to school for forensics, paid a shit-ton of money to become a scientist, and then used his talents to help Chicago’s shabbiest precinct. Mickey kinda admired him for it. But Mickey didn’t tell Ian that, because he was supposed to be gruff and unemotional and that would probably make Ian smile at him, that stupid wide grin he saved for his siblings and particularly interesting dead bodies, and Mickey couldn’t have that.

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Promise you won’t sign anything forfeiting parental rights.

I’m from Vancouver, I got no street.

I can take care of him. Let me take care of him until he’s better.
He stays here. He’s staying with me.

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You can’t just look at someone and guess their sexuality. There’s no point in assuming that every gay man has just one personality type. —Cameron Monaghan (via infamoussayings)

I want to be an officer

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So, the ghetto girl thinks she can live the A m e r i c a n  D r e a m ?

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mickey as a ghost: "who’s there?" "nobody, fuck off"